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4 Reasons Why to Choose Elshaddai Christian Wedding Planners

Saves your time

The average wedding takes couples 200+ hours to plan…yes you heard us right. A wedding planner will take the bulk of planning off of your plate, making your engagement period so much less stressful.

Saves your money.

Wedding coordinators have great relationships with other wedding vendors. They are often times able to negotiate pricing due to the amount business they give to vendors.

Saves relationships.

Often times a bride and groom find that planning a wedding can create tension between them and their families. A wedding coordinator knows how to deal with these situations and will act as the middle person to help avoid conflicts.

Stay within budget.

Do you know how much 100ft of pipe and drape or 15 table linens should cost? We didn’t think so, but your wedding planner will. Your planner will create a detailed budget and keep you on track to staying within budget.

What We Do?

May this Marriage of laughter, our every day in paradise.

Elshaddai Christian Wedding Planners

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